JUN 25 - 27  

The DUNDRUM Toolkit: A Governance Aid for Triage, Treatment and Recovery

The use of structured professional judgement instruments in areas beyond risk assessment is now well established. The applications for structured professional judgement likewise have developed beyond violence risk management to areas such as triage, waiting list management and movements between levels of therapeutic security or discharge. Decisions such as giving or withholding leave, setting conditions and recommending discharge are all amenable to the systematic use of structured professional judgement.


In this course, the use of SPJ instruments to assist in the governance structures for a forensic care pathway will be described, with the DUNDRUM toolkit used as a means of ensuring consistency, transparency and fairness when used in appropriate governance processes. Vignette rating exercises in break out groups will also be used to facilitate learning. Specific topics covered include:

Introduction to use of the DUNDRUM toolkit in governance processes: Harry Kennedy and Krishna Pillai

Triage and benchmarking in forensic mental health – the DUNDRUM-1 and DUNDRUM-2: Conor O’Neill

Introduction to programme completion and forensic recovery – the DUNDRUM-3 and DUNDRUM-4:  use when deciding moves, leave and reporting to review tribunals - Mary Davoren

Data handling: research, audit and effectiveness: Ken O’Reilly

Programme completion and forensic recovery – the DUNDRUM-3 and DUNDRUM-4: Harry Kennedy

Learning Objectives:

Gain an introductory knowledge of the SPJ instruments and other related instruments. 

Gain an experiential knowledge of the use of SPJ instruments when making decisions about admission, leave and conditional discharge.


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