JUN 12 - 14  

Implementation of Risk Assessment Tools into Healthcare Settings: Evidence-Based Methodologies

Healthcare organizations are recognizing increasingly the critical role of implementation science when putting clinical research findings and evidence-based recommendations into clinical practice. Both workshop facilitators have extensive clinical, research and senior managerial experience in the field of forensic mental health, and specifically in the implementation of risk assessment devices into clinical and criminal justice settings at unit, organizational and national level.


This half-day workshop will provide a range of tools and approaches to address the problems of implementing SPJ-based risk assessment and management devices in large organizations.  It will address the following:

Approaches to effective training, meeting the needs of different professionals to contribute towards the risk assessment process

Monitoring the SPJ process – from audit to dashboards, a consideration of strengths and limitations of each approach
From risk assessment to risk management – improving the process from assessment of risk to delivery of care via effective formulation and care planning
Dealing with resistance – a consideration of methods to identify resistance to effective implementation from professionals and to improve their engagement in the risk assessment and management process

Learning Objectives:

  • Participants will be able to reflect on their own implementation efforts and be guided to the academic literature and practice resources essential with implementation efforts of this nature


Dr. Adrian Cree is an Associate Medical Director for Priory and PiC, covering the Southern Region in the UK. His management role has provided several years of experience in the implementation and maintaining quality of SPJ risk assessment tools in a forensic setting. Adrian is a Visiting Senior Lecturer and Co-Director of the Forensic Teaching Unit at the Institute of Psychiatry in the UK and for the last 10 years has been teaching mental health professionals both nationally and internationally in SPJ approaches to risk assessment. His research interests currently focus on implementation and the risk formulation process.

Dr. Quazi Haque is a forensic psychiatrist and executive medical director of Elysium Healthcare. He is also Chair of the Royal College of Psychiatrists Quality Network for Forensic Services. Quazi has extensive practical and research experience with the implementation of a range of risk assessment devices into mental health and criminal justice settings. Quazi has written original articles and books, as well as taught on a wide range of mental health issues, but is perhaps best known for his work in the field of violence risk assessment and management. His most recent work includes co-authoring with Christopher Webster & Steve Hucker on Violence Risk Assessment and Management (Wiley) and writing a section on evidence-based implementation for the text, International Perspectives on Risk Assessment (Singh, Bjorkly & Fazel).

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