JUN 25 - 27  

Pre-Conference Workshop

Expert Testimony on Counterintuitive Victim Behavior: Using Expert Social Framework Evidence in Criminal Cases Involving Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence 

PRESENTER: Mindy B. Mechanic, Ph.D. 

DATE: June 11, 2018

TIME: 9am - 12.30pm (Half Day)

COST: $125 CAD


Incorrect beliefs, myths, and assumptions about the ways in which victims of sexual assault act, feel, and behave in response to sexual victimization are pervasive. In the face of myths and misinformation, triers of fact are likely to perceive victims whose behaviors don’t comport with expectations as lacking credibility and veracity. Expert testimony can be used to alter this reality by educating the factfinder with research findings documenting the range of behavioral, emotional, and peritraumatic responses to sexual trauma. The purpose of this workshop is to train attendees on the use of expert evidence on counterintuitive victim behavior to educate the trier of fact in the prosecution of sexual assault and intimate partner violence crimes. 


  1. Develop understanding of social framework evidence and its application in criminal prosecutions for sexual assault and IPV
  2. Become knowledgeable about each specific CIVB topic for interpersonal violence generally and sexual assault and IPV uniquely
  3. Learn how to effectively present such information to the trier of fact through proffers or expected testimony, attorney education, and courtroom testimony
  4. Develop awareness of the relevance of ethnicity and culture for shaping victim responses to intimate partner violence crimes that might be contribute to their being seen as counterintuitive
  5. Understand the typical cross-examination tactics used by defense counsel to rebut testimony on CIVB

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