JUN 25 - 27  

Post-Conference Workshop

 A Solution-Focused Approach to Working with Intimate Partner Violent Offenders

PRESENTER: Dr. Emma Holdsworth & Dr. Kate Walker

DATE: June 15, 2018

TIME: 1.30pm - 5pm (Half Day)

COST: $125 CAD


This workshop will introduce candidates to working with intimate partner violent offenders using a brief solution-focused approach.

Learning Objectives:

    • Have considered the philosophy and benefits of using strengths-based approaches to the successful rehabilitation of intimate partner violence offenders, over traditional offence-focused approaches
    • Have reconsidered offenders’ motivation to change in ways that are conducive to harnessing motivation to change
    • Understand the rationale for applying a solution-focused approach to treating IPV offenders
    • Be familiar with the 10 Principles of the solution-focused approach
    • Be familiar with, and have practiced, the five types of solution-focused questions
    • Have developed skills in holding conversations with the offenders who are resistant to treatment

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