Considerations for Mental Health Professionals Conducting Evaluations in Immigration Proceedings

As a result of the significant proportion of mental illness in detained non-citizens in the United States, mental health professionals are increasingly involved in conducting evaluations in the context of immigration proceedings. These evaluations present with special challenges as immigration law is rapidly changing, referral questions are not always clear, and there are limited forensic assessment instruments whose validity and reliability have been established for use with members of the populations assessed. This workshop will provide some general considerations in the process of conducting evaluations in immigration proceedings, as well as specific guidelines to address the challenges faced by clinicians who conduct evaluations in this context.

Learning Objectives:

Attendees will learn of the different types of evaluations in mental health proceedings that may require a mental health evaluation (e.g., competency, asylum, U visa application), and the different referral questions involved.

Attendees will learn of the different issues/challenges to be aware when conducting clinical evaluations in the context of immigration proceedings

Attendees will be provided with some practical recommendations for clinical interviews and report writing in this context.  


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