Introduction to Version 2 of the SVR-20: Updated Guidelines for Assessing Risk of Sexual Violence

The SVR-20, first published in 1997, is a set of structured professional judgment guidelines for assessing risk of sexual violence. It is widely used, having been translated in a number of languages, and well-validated, with a predictive validity comparable to that of leading actuarial risk assessment instruments. Version 2 of the SVR-20, recently released, updates the guidelines to reflect the growing evidence base on risk for sexual violence and to incorporate changes that increase the manual’s clinical utility. 

In this workshop, Dr. Hart will begin by providing a brief overview of the original version of the SVR-20, including its format and evaluations of its reliability and validity. Next, he will describe the process for revising the SVR-20. Finally, he will present the assessment procedure of the SVR-20 Version 2, focusing on the risk factors included in the guidelines and the changes in them across versions. Participants will receive a copy of the SVR-20 Version 2. 


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