Students in Forensic Mental Health

Mission Statement

The IAFMHS Student Section provides students in the broad areas of forensic mental health a platform for collaboration and intellectual exchange with other students internationally. Furthermore, we hope to create or facilitate opportunities for support, education, training, and knowledge exchange towards the development of forensic mental health services globally for our student members. We also aim to provide students with other relevant information that may be of particular interest to students in this field such as: graduate programs, funding sources, teaching, research, clinical training opportunities (i.e. workshops, internship, practica) and other resources.

Target group

This group is targeted towards students studying in any field related to the provision of forensic mental health services. This could include, but is not limited to, students studying: psychology, social work, psychiatric nursing, medicine, law, criminology, occupational therapy, etc. We welcome students of all levels from Undergraduate students to PHD students. All are encouraged to join!



      To foster communication between students in forensic mental health with both other students and experts.

      To offer professional development, networking and educational opportunities for student members of IAFMHS.

      To provide a platform for international collaborative research and knowledge exchange among students


If you have questions or have opportunities that may be of interest to our members, we'd love to hear from you. Please e-mail us at  Note that we are transitioning away from our old e-mail address: 

Benefits of Student Membership

  • On average, student members pay $300 to $400 CAD less for our annual conference.
  • Access to members-only pages on our website. Including, but not limited to, a list of forensic journals, international forensic conferences, continued education resources, conference tips, our discussion board.

  • Online access to the International Journal of Forensic Mental Health is included in your membership.

Do you have funding, training, research or job opportunities for recent graduates in forensic mental health? Is there an upcoming conference, (free) workshop or (free) webinar that may be of particular interest for our students? 

Let us know at


Student Board: 2019 – 2020


Sarah Schaaf

Israa Altwaijiri

Maartje Clercx

Ashleigh Stewart




Treasurer & Fundraising Coordinator

Doctoral Student, Clinical Psychology

Doctoral Student, Clinical and Forensic Psychology

Doctoral Student, Forensic Psychology

Doctoral Student, Public Health

Fairleigh Dickinson University, USA

Swinburne University of Technology, AUS

Radboud University, NL

Monash University, AUS

Responsible for overseeing the student section, support ongoing and new initiatives, and facilitate IAFMHS student opportunities. Liaises with parent board and external organizations.

Responsible for collaborating with the Section President to strengthen the student section and facilitate IAFMHS student opportunities.

Responsible for scheduling meetings, keeping meeting minutes and providing to-do lists.

Responsible for managing the section budget and overseeing fundraising efforts.

Jourdan Jackson

Linden Loutzenhiser

Lena Scholz

 Maria Aparcero-Suero

Country Representative &

Volunteer Coordinator

Communications Officer

Content Developer


Master Student, Clinical-Forensic Psychology

Doctoral Student, Clinical Psychology

Master Student, Forensic Psychology

 Doctoral Student, Clinical Psychology

Simon Fraser University, Canada

Fordham University, USA

Maastricht University, NL

 Fordham University, USA

Responsible for overseeing international outreach, country representative recruitment, assistance with conference volunteer coordination.

Responsible for dynamic social media and direct student communications.

Responsible for website content and social media projects.

Stays available for the new board for advice and consultation.

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