Pre-Conference Workshop

Forensic Clinical Interviewing: Developing Your Practice

PRESENTER: Caroline Logan, Ph.D.

DATE: June 24, 2019

TIME: 9am - 5pm (Full Day)

COST: $250 CAD


This workshop has two main objectives. First, the traditional – and separate – disciplines of clinical and forensic interviewing differ in their focus (e.g., the client’s long-standing complex psychological problem, in contrast to the client’s role in a specific criminal act), method (e.g., a trusting relationship is built over time between two essentially willing participants, compared to a brief but intense engagement between at least two participants where the willingness of the client to engage is generally limited), and expected outcomes (e.g., the information gathered is used to prepare a formulation that guides supportive intervention, as opposed to the information collected potentially being used as material evidence in the client’s criminal case). Therefore, forensic clinical interviewing is hybrid of those two disciplines, providing an opportunity to bring together the strengths of both. This workshop will highlight key skills in both fields relevant to the combined effort of forensic clinical interviewing.

Second, competent interviewing yields not only more information for the use of the interviewer but more opportunities to understand the interviewee’s experience and stance with respect to the challenges they face; knowledgeable and curious practitioners are essential to the interview process and nowhere more so than in a forensic clinical context where the complexity of problems and the need for understanding is especially marked. Therefore, competent interviewing presents opportunities to achieve a more comprehensive understanding of the client. This workshop will focus on a form of interviewing practice intended to generate more information relevant to its purpose, with a particular focus on formulation.

Additional objectives are the enhancement of practitioner self-awareness as forensic clinical interviewers, and the development of improved skills in intentional interviewing.

Exercises will be used morning and afternoon to explore specific skills and to demonstrate specific skills in order to encourage their development and enhancement. Therefore, those interested in attending this workshop should come prepared to participate actively. Experienced and novice forensic clinical interviewers are welcome.

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