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Welcome to the International Association of Forensic Mental Health Services (IAFMHS). It is a great honour and privilege to represent our members as President of the association. I have been a member of IAFMHS for nearly 20 years, and have always valued the opportunity for open dialogue and collaboration between professionals from multiple disciplines involved in research, policy, management and actual care delivery at the intersection of mental health and justice. IAFMHS has always sought to bridge these disciplines and promote learning from an international and culturally diverse perspective, our overall aim being to improve care and services for justice-involved people with mental illness.

Across continents, countries, and communities the COVID-19 pandemic continues to change how we are delivering care. We see considerable variations in health and social outcomes even across neighbouring localities. This is the case globally. International research suggests adults and young people with mental health conditions at the interface with criminal justice settings have experienced further burdens on their overall health and human rights. This is an important time to uphold the highest possible ethical and professional standards across our clinical and scientific communities. A time to foster effective support and collaboration across the field of forensic mental health. IAFMHS is home to a flourishing journal, the International Journal of Forensic Mental Health, an ongoing book series, an annual conference, a quarterly newsletter, special interest groups, and an engaged and innovative student board. Over the years, we have been proud to participate in the development of new generations of researchers and clinicians from across the global community. Please join our membership and take part in a vibrant professional organization!

Quazi Haque, Ph.D.

Past President of the IAFMHS (2021-2023)

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The International Association of Forensic Mental Health Services (IAFMHS) was established in 2000 as an international non-profit association, with headquarters in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. 


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