Addressing the COVID-19 pandemic among justice involved persons with mental illness

This page contain the latest version of the COVID-19 forensic mental health compendium. Below you can scroll through the policies, measures and changes that have been implemented in response to the COVID-19 pandemic for various countries.

The Compendium is organized per type of information:

1.    Changes in legislation or justice procedures

  • For example: Mental health act changes, tele-psychiatry, tele-court appearances, changes in review board hearings, etc.

2.    Changes in institutional practices

  • For example: Visits, hygiene, restrictions, staff to patient ratios, kitchen, clinical practices and activities, screening, etc.

3.    Empirical studies, reviews and opinion pieces

  • For example: On staff perceptions, patient experiences, practical recommendations, etc.

4.    Information watch

  • For example: Agencies that are closely monitoring specific themes such as number of COVID19 cases in prison.

5.    Programs in response to COVID-19

  • For example: Educational program for chronic patients on life hygiene habits.

    Within each section, the included information is organized per country. If you have information that would neatly fit into this compilation, please share with us via this form.

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