Student Grants & Awards

The IAFMHS Student Section typically offers 4 financial award opportunities for students attending the IAFMHS annual conference.  There will be two presentation awards to acknowledge the research and presentation work of first-author student presenters at the conference. There will also be two travel awards to increase attendance from students in underrepresented countries and/or institutions due to financial need.

Award Types

  1. Top student oral presentation ($1,000 CAD)
  2. Top student poster presentation ($500 CAD)
  3. First travel award ($1,000 CAD)
  4. Second travel award ($500 CAD)

Generally speaking, all applicants have to be student members without full-time employment, in good standing with IAFMHS. All student members will receive a call for award applications via e-mail in spring. Potential changes to our award schedule (e.g., eligibility, award amount) anapplication process will be communicated via e-mail as well. 

Derek Eaves Student Research Grant

The Derek Eaves Student Research Grant honours Dr. Derek Eaves’ bursary and academic contributions to the International Association of Forensic Mental Health Services.  Eligible candidates are individuals who are currently undertaking a Bachelor, Masters or Doctoral degree in a relevant field to forensic mental health and are current student members of IAFMHS. 

  • Grants are awarded twice per academic year (Fall/Spring), valued at maximum of $500 CAD. 
  • Applications will be evaluated by an independent panel made up of members of the Board of Directors and the Advisory Board. 
  • The Fall 2022 call for application will be send out to student members in September. 
  • For more information on deadlines, criteria and how to apply, go here.

Call for Awards

An example of the call for awards can be found here. Applications are closed until an email has gone out with an updated call for awards for our conference in Krakow in 2020. 

  • Please note that you have to be an active IAFMHS student member to receive the call for awards. 
  • Calls usually go out in late spring. To ensure you receive the notification, make sure your membership is up-to-date.
  • A few awardees have graciously shared their winning presentations with our students. Please find them linked in the awards' list below.
  • For our travel award winners: get inspired by this example essay when you are reflecting upon your conference experience.

Derek Eaves SRG Recipients

2023 - 2024

Round I

Shreya Jagtap, M.A. |  University of Toronto Scarborough (CAN)

Sanam Monjazeb, M.A.  |  Simon Fraser University (CAN)

Carolina Rinaldi, M.A. |  National University of Cordoba (Argentina)

Lauren Rutherfod, B.Sc.  | University of British Columbia (CAN)

Round II

Katérine Aminot  |  University of Manitoba (CAN)

Tom Eddy, M.A.  |  The University of Memphis (USA)

Madison Hardman, B.Sc. (Hons)  |  University of Manitoba (CAN) 

2022 - 2023

Round I

Alexandre Gauthier, M.Sc. |  University of Montreal (CAN)

Round II

Monique Sondhu, BSc. |  Swinburne University (AUS)

James R. Avery, B.A. |  McGill University (CAN)

2021 - 2022

Round I

Mastewal Aschale, BSc. |  Bahir Dar University (Ethiopia)

Marichelle Leclair, MSc.  |  University of Montreal (CAN)

Madeline McPherson, M.S.  |  George Mason University (USA)

Armaan Rajan, BSc.  |   University of British Columbia (CAN)

Round II

Maartje Clercx, M.Sc. |  FPC de Rooyse Wissel (The Netherlands)

Caroline Deli, M.A. |  University of Montreal (CAN)

Ilvy Goossens, M.S.  |   Simon Fraser University (CAN)

Alison Hansen, RN, MAdvNursPrac  |  The University of Newcastle (AUS) 

Riley Luke, BA (Psych)(Hons)  |   Swinburne University (AUS)

2020 - 2021

Round I

Jacomina Gerbrandij, M.S. |   Fordham University (USA)

Sarah Moss, MSc., MSc. |   University of Guelph (CAN)

Unnati Patel, M.S. |   Simon Fraser University (CAN)

Round II

Chantel Ritter, M.Sc. |   University of Guelph (CAD)

Christian Farrell, B.A. (Hons) |   University of British Columbia (CAN)

Keegan J. Diehl, B.S. |   Texas Tech University (USA)

Lindsay Healey, B.A. (Hons) |   Carleton University (CAN)

Maria Aparcero-Suero, M.A. |   Fordham University (USA)

William Fox, B.A. (Hons) |   Simon Fraser University (CAN)

2019 - 2020

Round I

Madison Edge, B.A. (Hons)  |   University of British Columbia (CAN)

Samantha Zottola, M.A.   |   North Carolina State University (USA)

Round II

Anthony Battaglia, B.A. (Hons)  |   York University (CAN)

Jennifer Krentz, B.A. (Hons) |  Simon Fraser University (CAN)

2018 - 2019

Round I

Aisha Bhanwer, M.A.   |   Simon Fraser University (CAN)

Duncan Greig, M.A.   |   Simon Fraser University (CAN)

Erin Fuller, B.A.  |   Simon Fraser University (CAN)

Jules Dugré, M.A.   |   University of Montréal (CAN)

Katelyn Mullally, B.A.   |   University of Guelph (CAN)

Round II

Emilie Picard, M.S.   |   Fordham University (USA)

Sanam Monjazeb, M.A. |  Simon Fraser University (CAN)

Yi-Ting Chang, M.S. |  Fordham University (USA)

2017 - 2018

Round I

Melissa Jonnson, B.A.   |   Simon Fraser University (CAN)

Round II

Marichelle LeClair, B.A.   |   McGill University (CAN)

Conference Award Recipients

IAFMHS 2019 - Montréal, Canada

Antonina Brunner, B.Sc.   |   University of Bern (Switzerland)

Degree sought: Master's

Award received: First travel award

Pedro F. Un Pérez, Bach.  |   Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán (Mexico)

Degree sought: Master's

Award received: Second travel award

Silvia Fraga Domínguez, M.Sc.   |   Royal Holloway University (UK)

Degree sought: Doctoral

Austin Lam, B.SC.  |   University of Toronto (CAN)

IAFMHS 2018 - Antwerp, Belgium

Nicole Muir, M.A.   |   Simon Fraser University (CAN)

Degree sought: Doctoral

Award received: First travel award

Courtney Wade, M.Ed.  |   North Carolina State University (USA)

Degree sought: Doctoral

Award received: Second travel award

Emilie Picard, M.Sc.   |   Fordham University (USA)

Degree sought: Doctoral

Award received: Top presentation award

Paper: "How Clinicians Understand Passive Suicidal Ideation in Risk Assessment"

Sanam Monjazeb, B.A.   |   Simon Fraser University (CAN)

IAFMHS 2017 - Split, Croatia

Laura Hemming, M.A.   |   The University of Manchester (UK)

Degree sought: Doctoral

Award received: First travel award

Romaine Desclos, M.A.  |  Alliant International University (USA) 

Degree sought: Doctoral

Award offered: Second travel award

Lindsey Gilling McIntosh, M.A.  |  The University of Edinburgh (UK)
Degree sought: Doctoral
Award received: Top presentation award
Paper: Systematic Review and Meta analysis of the Effects of Structured Psychological Interventions for Forensic Mental Health Patients”

Sarah Janes, M.A.  |  The University of Edinburgh (UK)

Degree sought: Doctoral

Award Received: Top poster award

Poster:  Cognitive Contributors to Offending: A Delphi Study”

IAFMHS 2016 - New York City, USA

 Stephanie Van Horn, M.A.   |   Texas Tech University (USA)

Degree sought: Doctoral

Award received: Top presentation award

Paper: "Assessing Risk in Justice-Involved Women: Predictive Validity of the Criminal Sentiments Scale-ModiPied and the Effect of Treatment on Recidivism”

Sarah-Jayne C. Leonard, M.A.   |   The University of Manchester (UK)

Degree sought: Doctoral

Award received: Top poster award

Poster:  “Factors Associated With Length of Stay for Patients Admitted to Medium Secure Services From Prison “

IAFMHS 2015 - Manchester, UK

Sophie-Anne Dufour, M.A.   |   Université de Montréal (CA)

Degree sought: Doctoral

Award received: Top paper award

Paper: "Detainee’s motivation towards correctional programs: Drop out; success and recidivism"

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