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We welcome feedback, comments, suggestions, and ideas for contributions for future issues; send them to or directly to our newsletter Editor, Samantha Zottola, at


The IAFMHS newsletter team would like to invite members to contribute submissions for the next or a following edition of the IAFMHS quarterly newsletter. Contributions may include one of the following topic areas (listed below) or if you are interested in becoming involved in a semi-regular column or feature, please contact the newsletter editor to further discuss potential ideas.

This is a great opportunity for you to reach your colleagues and fellow IAFMHS members!

  1. International updates: Articles may highlight news, trends, laws or policies that impact the work of individuals in the IAFMHS community.
  2. Innovative risk reduction strategies: Articles may highlight current research or clinical practice implemented by IAFMHS members.
  3. Training and pedagogy in forensic mental health: Articles may focus on methods or emerging issues for enhancing knowledge for supervisors, trainers, instructors, professors, or other staff educating forensic mental health professionals.
  4. Early career: Articles highlighting the successes/struggles of early career professionals, or for seasoned members to provide guidance and recommendations to those new to the field.
  5. Other topic of relevance: Members may submit articles of a topic relevant to the individuals in the IAFMHS community. Please contact the newsletter editor to propose a topic prior to submission.

Submissions should be sent to
 in Word format and discuss the above subjects relevant to the IAFMHS community. When e-mailing a submission, please include full name, title, institutional affiliation, and contact information. All articles which are selected for publication will be proof read for content, spelling and grammatical errors.

  • Suggested 500-1000 words/5 references
  • Articles may include section headings
  • Illustrations, tables, sidebars are encouraged to illustrate or emphasize article’s message

Authors names and affiliations will be included with their article in the newsletter. Authors will be informed of the decision to include the article in current or later editions of the newsletter, however, the editors reserve the right to make minor editorial changes or correct spelling mistakes as well as not publish every submission. If you have any questions, please email us at

Dr. Samantha Zottola,

Editor, IAFMHS Newsletter 


IAFMHS would like to highlight the accomplishments of our student members in the quarterly newsletter. If you would like to highlight your published peer-reviewed journal article or nominate one of your peers or students, please fill out this form:

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