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The IAFMHS is an international association that aims to enhance the standards of forensic mental health services in the international community, and promote an international dialogue about forensic mental health, in all its aspects, including violence and family violence.

Although the roles and responsibilities vary across countries, Forensic Mental Health Nurses (FMHN) play a key role in assessing, managing and treating mentally disordered offenders.

The IAFMHS is committed to increasing the involvement and contribution of FMHNs in the organisation in order to learn from their experiences, improve dialogue and collaboration between professionals working in Forensic Services and to promote the valuable work of FMHNs. To this end the Forensic Mental Health Nurses section [FMHN-s] was established and within this group special symposiums on Forensic Nursing are being arranged at the forthcoming IAFMHS conferences (Conference details on home page) and therefore FMHNs are encouraged to submit papers in accordance with the criteria in the ‘Call for Papers’ document.

The inaugural Forensic Mental Health Nursing section [FMHN-s] meeting in Stockholm was attended by 15 nurses from Europe, Canada and Australia & past president Derek Eaves.

The consensus of  those present was that the IAFMHS should encourage greater involvement of nurses in the organisation and facilitate greater communication by way of a specific website/link attached to the IAFMHS website. I am currently exploring the establishment of such a website and additional issues with the organisation's administration.

It is envisaged that such a facility would contain specialist information relating to forensic mental health issues while enabling nurses to network with others from across the world.


Tessa Maguire, Chair of the FMHN

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