Student Leadership Opportunities at IAFMHS

The Student Section of the IAFMHS offers a number of leadership and personal development opportunities for its student members. There are currently three ways to get more involved with our organization: 

        1. As a campus representative
        2. As a peer mentor/mentee
        3. As a student board member

Below you will find more information about each respective opportunity. Detailed information on eligibility , expectations and how to apply can be accessed by clicking each picture below. Please read each program statement carefully, and consider talking to a supervisor to see if you would be a good fit with any of these programs. We welcome and will seriously consider all applications. 

The Campus Representative Program is designed to facilitate communication among the IAFMHS Student Board, professional IAFMHS members, and IAFMHS student affiliates. The primary goal of the program is to create a network of liaisons at as many colleges, universities, and countries as possible, with IAFMHS student members serving as official representatives of the Student Board and IAFMHS at their local campuses. Campus representatives help disseminate relevant information about opportunities, activities and programs organized by the Student Board and IAFMHS to their local student bodies.

  • Apply here
  • We encourage students with English as a secondary language to apply! Why? See here
  • For questions, email

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The Peer Mentorship Program is designed to connect students with same- or upper-year mentors who act as approachable, knowledgeable sources of support. When specific goals are articulated (e.g., applying to graduate school, obtaining research funding), we do our best to match pairs based on shared goals or relevant experience. In addition, the program is an excellent opportunity for networking and professional development within the field. Undergraduate and graduate students early in their program are welcome to apply as mentees, and advanced graduate students and early career professionals are encouraged to apply as mentors.The program is open for all with an interest or experience in the field of forensic mental health, including psychology, medicine, law, and social work.

Apply here

For questions, email

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 Run for the Student Board

There are 8 Student Board positions, 7 of which become available annually. Each position is held for a one-year term, except for the president-elect position.  We accept self-nominations and nominations on behalf of others. As opposed to other positions on this page, there is a specific time frame for nominations. Student members in good standing will receive an email message with a call for nominations approximately 1 month after our annual conference. This is the only time we accept student board nominations. Student board officers will be elected by the studentship.

A thorough description of the positions and commitment can be found here!

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Get to know our student board!

We encourage students with English as a secondary language to apply! Why? See here

Want to get to know previous student boards? Have a look at our introductions from the 2020-2021 student board...

or the student board positions.

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