Family Engagement

Family Engagement in Forensic Mental Healthcare [NEW!] 

Mission statement

To bring together a group of (family) peers, practitioners and academics to build a foundation for research, training, education and the exchange of knowledge on family engagement (i.e., inform, consult, involve, collaborate, support and empower).

Target group

The SIG on Family Engagement is open to any member of the IAFMHS with a shared interest in family collaboration within a forensic context. Group members will include (family) peers, healthcare professionals and researchers with diverse professional backgrounds (e.g., social work, nursing, psychology, etc.).


As a group, this SIG on Family Engagement will provide a forum for members to meet and share research and evidence-based practices on family interventions, family support, family recovery processes and family perspectives in a forensic context. Aiming:

  • To establish a framework for research, training, education, support and information exchange
  • To promote an international dialogue about family engagement
  • To promote development/adjustment, testing, evaluation and implementation of (new) family interventions
  • To impact the quality of care and treatment of the service user and family
  • To impact science and support and create membership, leadership and research opportunities
  • To produce practice guidelines for members and promote education and training on family engagement.

How to achieve these goals

The SIG on Family Engagement will hold annual meetings during the IAFMHS conference to disseminate knowledge and evidence-based, clinical practices during group reflections/discussions. Besides the annual meetings, everyone can join the international network on family engagement aiming to promote research collaborations and share experiences on family interventions.

Chairs: Associate Professor Dr. Ellen Boldrup Tingleff and Dr. Sara Rowaert

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Annual Meeting of the Family Engagement SIG at the 2024 Annual Conference
in San Francisco!

Date: June 19, 2024

Time: 8 am 

Location: Atelier II - Third Level

Watch our Live Webinar Launch!

Date: 23 April 2024 

Introducing the new Special Interest Group on Family Engagement! 

Policy papers and guidelines at international levels stipulate that family members in mental health settings should be actively involved in the care and treatment of the service user and supported in their role as carers. Within a forensic context, family engagement has gained interest over the years. Nonetheless, there remains a limited focus on evidence-based practices on how to collaborate with, involve, and support family members in the care trajectory of their loved one.

To address this gap, an international network on Family Engagement has been established to bring together a group of (family) peers, academics, and practitioners with a shared interest in this topic. During this live webinar session, we will introduce the goals of this newly formed Special Interest Group (SIG) on Family Engagement as well as provide an overview on the existing research on the topics of of family interventions, family support, family recovery processes, and family perspectives. Finally, we will share some future research initiatives to further the international research and evidence-based practice in this field. The webinar will wrap up with a Q&A session and ways you can get involved as a family (peer), researcher, or practitioner. 

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